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Zion's Counseling Services

Zion's counseling program is designed after the Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling Program: a proactive and preventative K-12 school program that addresses social/emotional, academic, and career development of all students. This program is a part of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Our school counselors support students at Zion ages K-8th.

What Are School Counselors?

  • A person who provides support services for all students.

  • A resource for all staff members and parents.

  • A liaison with outside community resources.

  • Are NOT: Disciplinarians, Administrators, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, or Social Workers

What Do School Counselors Do?

School Counselors wear many hats. They serve to help remove barriers for students to help support them academically. Each year, School Counselors work with school administration and use data to drive the upcoming school year programs. School Counselors will deliver classroom lessons, individual counseling (not ongoing), provide small group counseling, responsive services, makes referrals to outside agencies and crisis interventions. They will also work with parents, teachers, and students to help make their year successful.

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